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A little about me

I recently spent two years in London, United Kingdom (2015 to 2017) where I worked with the Commonwealth Secretariat (http://thecommonwealth.org). In this role, I focussed on developing the education KnowledgeHub to connect education professionals through communities of practice and knowledge sharing activities.


Prior to this, I lived in Pretoria, South Africa from 2010 to 2015, where I worked to establish South Arica's national Career Development Service (http://www.careerhelp.org.za). Accomplishments included establishing a national career advisory helpline, promotion of career advice through radio, telephone, social media and Internet, and the establishment of the National Career Advice Portal (http://ncap.careerhelp.org.za).


Previously, I lived in Canada for 9 years where I was Director: Knowledge Management and Information Technology at the Commonwealth of Learning (COL). I joined COL in August 2001 as Education Specialist: Knowledge Management and became Director in July 2006.


I led the establishment of the multi-national “Virtual University for the Small States of the Commonwealth” initiative, a collaboration of Ministries of Education in 32 countries (www.col.org/vussc). I also led COL’s work in copyright and working with Creative Commons.


I worked at Technikon SA for 12 years, during which time I lectured in Management; established non-formal education at the institution; supported the creation of institutes and the establishment of ICT centres to support learners. I conceptualised and established the African Digital Library, a service that provides full-text eBooks to residents of African countries via the Internet.

Paul G. West

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I am currently living in Pretoria, South Africa where I am an independent Senior Consultant providing services in ICT, OER, Distance Education, Open Learning, Knowledge Management and Project Management.  

I am interested in and consult on technologies that can help to bring useful learning to the many millions of people who remain locked outside of formal educaiton systems.

In my personal capacity, I read and curate information on OER and ICT in Education and Leadership which I post to FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pgwest

ORCiD: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-4909-8147